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How do I use SafeFun at my business?

SafeFun is completely free for end users. SafeFun businesses pay a small monthly fee to use the service at their locations. Follow the easy steps below to start using SafeFun at your business.

All we ask is that you verify the person matches the ID presented. This is how we make sure the environment is safe.

SafeFun is just $50 per month per location.


What if my business is closed due to COVID-19?

We believe that any business that can demonstrate that its guests pose no threat to the public, regardless of behavior (masks, distancing), should be allowed to operate…and at 100% capacity. We are completely focused on taking our position to state and local governments across the country to convince them to give SafeFun businesses a pass to operate.

Can I advertise in the SafeFun app?

We’re building out a discovery platform so that you can advertise your business right in the SafeFun consumer mobile app. Users will be able to search for businesses in their area and filter based on the tags in your business’s existing Google Places profile. There will be no charge for standard listings. Target release for this is early September.

Do I need a door person?

You need to verify every person that comes into the building. We recommend having a person at each of your entrances to ensure that everyone is properly verified.

Can I have more than one location?

Absolutely. After registering, you can add as many locations as you want.

Do my employees also need to use the SafeFun app?

Yes, they do. All people within your building must use SafeFun and have a valid test result.

Can my employees see any customer information?

We don’t display any personal information in the app. We just give your door person a clear indication of whether or not the person is clear to enter.

Do I have to use SafeFun during all of my operating hours?

No. You can have specific days for SafeFun, even specific hours or specific events. For example, a salon could offer SafeFun Wednesdays or SafeFun weekends. A grocery store could have SafeFun hours from 6am-9am. Our only restriction is that, if you do not run SafeFun during all of your operating hours, you must thoroughly clean the entire environment with approved, anti-viral products and allow a 3 hour window between hours when you allow the general public entrance and when you have a SafeFun event.

Can I use SafeFun at my workplace?

Absolutely. SafeFun is designed to be used most anywhere. It was originally created with the retail and food and beverage industry in mind, but it can be used at any location. If you are interested in using SafeFun at your workplace with non-governmental identification such as company badges, we will need to work with you to integrate your badge into our system. Please use the contact page below to get in touch with us to discuss specifics.

Can I use SafeFun at my school?

We are working om ways to allow all schools to use SafeFun. Currently, we can integrate SafeFun with any schools whose students all carry a form of picture identification. If you are an administrator at a school and would like to use SafeFun at your school, please contact us below using the contact form and we will be happy to discuss how we can work together.

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