Get Fans Back in Seats with SafeFun

Safely re-activate sporting events and concerts by ensuring that all attendees and staff have a recent, verifiable, negative COVID-19 test.

How SafeFun Works

Sign Up

Fans register for SafeFun by downloading the SafeFun app and registering their account.

Upload Results

Fans then upload their test results and we validate the results match their information and provide them a safe window to attend your event.

Quick Check-in

Fans simply show their ID at your points of entry and your staff uses our SafeFun Verifier app to verify that they have a valid negative COVID-19 test and welcome them in.

Back to Full Events

Guests and staff now have a dramatically increased level of safety and comfort at your event allowing you to get back to business.

What does it cost?

For venues of up to 300 person capacity, please see our standard plan for small businesses. For venues over 300 person capacity, we provide our enterprise service (customized SafeWindows and integration with your staff badges and identification cards) for less than $1 per attendee.

How do my fans and staff get tested?

SafeFun supports all varieties of COVID-19 tests as well as virtually all testing/laboratory companies. For more information on our testing support and SafeFun window, please see our Testing page. Attendees and staff can get tested virtually anywhere. Venues can also optionally set up testing on site that we can directly integrate with for immediate submission of results to the SafeFun service.

How do I get SafeFun at my venue and my fans back in seats?

Fill out the contact form below and we will contact you immediately. We look forward to working with you to re-active your events.

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