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Your SafeWindow

Digital Health Wallet

Tests and Vaccines

Maintain all of your COVID-19 test results and vaccination records in one place, accessible anytime and anywhere. Get visual cues to help you understand when tests and vaccinations expire so you can focus on living. 

Display and Print

Display and print your original documents at anytime to show your healthy status when traveling and to friends, family and co-workers.

Share with Friends

Know Before You Go

Share your negative test results with friends, family, co-workers, etc. so you can quickly see that everyone is ready for the upcoming fun.

Request your friends through the app and they approve your request. They can then request to follow you back. You’re in complete control.

Your SafeWindow

Your Passport

Your SafeFun SafeWindow is your passport to living again. We take all of your uploaded COVID-19 test results and vaccination records and provide you with a single view showing your SafeWindows and vaccinations. Simply show your SafeWindow to friends, family, event and airline personnel, your date, etc. The sky’s the limit. 


We don’t sell ads and we don’t sell your data to anyone, ever. Today, SafeFun is totally free for you and always will be. In the future, new SafeFun users will pay a small monthly fee to use the service but it will always be free for you. Download the SafeFun app and sign up today.

No smartphone? No problem. Use our web version below.

Can anyone see my data?

Your data is only ever viewed by our internal technical support if we run into a problem importing your test results or if you call in and ask that we assist with a technical issue.

Do you sell my data?

Absolutely not. Please see our privacy policy for all details on our data privacy standards. We take data privacy very seriously. We do not sell ads and will not sell your data ever.

Do you track my location?

No. We only request your location when submitting a test result. We do this to determine the local time zone where the test result is being uploaded. We use this time zone to provide you with the most accurate SafeWindow. Your location data is discarded immediately and not recorded anywhere.

Can my friends see my test results?

No. People whom you have approved can only see your SafeWindows. They cannot see your test results or any other personal information besides first and last name.
Walgreens, CVS and LabCorp logos are the property of the respective companies. Although SafeFun supports test results from Walgreens, CVS and LabCorp, Walgreens, CVS and LabCorp are not participating partners or sponsors in any way of SafeFun.
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