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SafeFun will be available for download on 9/8/2020

Here are some commonly asked questions about SafeFun....

What does it cost?

SafeFun is completely free for end users. SafeFun businesses pay a small monthly fee to use the service at their locations. You pay nothing.

Why do I have to show my ID?

In order for us to provide clean spaces, we have to ensure that the submitted negative COVID-19 test belongs to the person claiming it. To do that, we ask to see your ID to verify that you are the person the test belongs to. We can enter the data manually or quickly scan the bar code on your driver’s license to expedite entry.

Why can't I just show you my phone?

It would be too easy to login as someone else on a phone and use someone else’s negative test. You want the environment to be safe as much as we do and you wouldn’t want anyone cheating the rules. To make sure we provide a safe environment, we need to verify your name and date of birth match the submitted negative test result.

What types of identification do you accept?

We can manually enter the information from any valid, government issued ID. Our scanning capability is currently limited to US drivers licenses and ID cards. Support for passports, military IDs and other governmental issued ID’s will be available by mid-September.

How do I know where I can use it?

Beginning in early September, we will launch an intuitive in-app search capability so you can locate businesses in your area that offer SafeFun at their locations.

Can anyone see my data?

Your data is only ever viewed by our internal technical support if we run into a problem importing your test results or if you call in and ask that we assist with a technical issue. No location partner or anyone else will ever see your data.

Do you sell my data?

Absolutely not. Please see our privacy policy for all details on our data privacy standards.

Do you track my location?

We do not use any geolocation tracking in the SafeFun consumer app. We do, however, log that you were checked into a SafeFun location. We do this so that you can provide us feedback on your experience related to the location and SafeFun. This feedback mechanism is very important to our overall community. These ratings are not public and only used by SafeFun as part of our quality assurance monitoring.
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