Get your students out of Zoom and back in the classroom and learning

How SafeFun Works for Schools

Sign Up

Students sign up in a few minutes by providing just enough information to validate their test result - their name, date of birth and zip code

Upload Results

Students then upload their test results from any number of testing companies
around the country.

Back in Class

With a negative test, students are back in class and learning again.

Back on Track

With SafeFun, students can get back on track today. This pandemic doesn't have to mean kids fall behind. We can beat this thing together.

How do I use SafeFun at my school?

For schools wanting to simply use the SafeFun Passport, there is no cost to the venue. We do offer additional options for schools that want to welcome in students that do not have smartphones including our SafeFun Verifier app that allows a school to lookup a student’s Passport information using just their name and date of birth.

How much does SafeFun for Schools cost?

There is no cost to schools who only want to use the SafeFun Passport. If your school needs to support students that do not own smartphones, we offer our SafeFun Verifier app that allows schools to look up a student’s Passport using their name and date of birth. We can offer the full Verifier service for about $1 per student/faculty per month. We know school budgets are never enough and we want to see students  back in school again so contact us below to discuss what we can do to help with pricing.

How do I get SafeFun at my school?

Let’s talk about getting SafeFun into your school and getting your students back in the classroom. Just fill out the form below and we’ll get right back to you.

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